Valiant versus Dawkins

A Comparison of the Understanding of Richard Dawkins, Atheist

      and Alan Valiant, Supreme Spiritual Master

     by Alan Valiant

Having read Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”, I endorse entirely his critique of the Christian religion, in particular his list of all the definitions of God taken from the bible that portray God as a malevolent, vengeful being while at the same time referring to him as the God of Love.

Dawkins’ understanding of his spiritual existence is absolute zero by his own admission so in the interests of fair debate, I feel sure he will allow me to put the spiritual side and counter many of his claims and statements in his academically brilliant book. The page numbers are in his book “The God Delusion”.


Dawkins p112. Many people believe in God because they have seen a vision of him or that he speaks to them inside their heads.

Valiant I have nothing to do with any religious belief system or organization but I communicate regularly with Our Creator and the Spiritual Hierarchy, the members of which are detailed in my books and that of my late wife, Amanda Valiant.  The means of communication is by direct telepathy or thought transference, an ability that I developed over thirty-five years ago. At the same time, I became clairvoyant and could see the spiritual beings with whom I am communicating.


Dawkins p113. And yet it is merely a matter of history that it is considered normal in our society to believe that the creator can hear your thoughts.

Valiant I assure every one that he most certainly can hear your thoughts. Furthermore, he knows everything about you throughout your many incarnations. My thoughts and words are constantly monitored by Our Creator who assures me that he is always with me.


Dawkins p163. However improbable the origin of life on earth might be we know it happened on earth because we are here.

Valiant This must surely be one of the most naïve statements that Dawkins ever made! Because he is an evolutionist, he cannot contemplate life having begun on another planet. Yet this is the truth. Life did not begin on earth. Some historical biblical reports confirm this. The earth was originally populated by beings from outer space. For information on this please read “A Course in Spiritual Philosophy” by Madam Amanda Valiant. Go to:


Dawkins p174. Our time and space did indeed begin in our big bang.

Valiant There was no big bang! Creation is a continuous process in a similar manner to the inexorable growth of animal and human forms. Life did not start with a big bang but by a gentle introduction from the spiritual universe to the physical universe.


Dawkins p180. The theory of natural selection is genuinely simple, so is the origin from which it starts. That which it explains, on the other hand, is complex almost beyond telling, more complex than we can imagine, save a god capable of designing it.

Valiant With all due respect to the great naturalist Charles Darwin, his theory of natural selection is a non sequitur.  No intermediate species has ever been discovered . The colour mutations of pigeons, for example, are not examples of evolution but of the laws of genetics. Mutation is not evolution.


Dawkins p184.


The discussions on this page confirm that Dawkins believes that the mind is the brain or is in the brain thereby indicating his total lack of spiritual understanding.

            The mind is immaterial and survives so-called death. Surely the life force in every creature is obvious and it is that which deserts the physical body at death. Everything in existence is the product of our Creator’s mind of which our minds are constituent parts. Telepathy is not the result of communication between brains, hence no bandwith is involved. It is communication between mind and mind otherwise than through the known senses. Since there is no time in the non-physical world, communication is instantaneous. Vide: How to Talk with the Dead, by Alan Valiant, Chap. 3 (Definition of the mind written posthumously through Alan Valiant by the late Professor Carl Jung).


Dawkins p185 ”We know how it came about”.

Valiant That statement confirms that Dawkins is absolutely certain that all animal and human life came about through the gradualistic crane of natural selection.  I repeat that there is no evolution of any species, animal or vegetable in the sense that one species evolved into another. Where are the intermediate species? There are none!


Dawkins p188

Valiant On this page there is further insistence that Darwin has all the answers. I am still waiting for just one intermediate species to be found by an evolutionist or archeologist.


Dawkins p190 “Knowing that we are products of Darwinian evolution.”

Valiant  There is absolutely no doubt according to Dawkins that Darwin was right.


Dawkins p209 Dualism and monism.

Valiant Dualism is a belief in a distinction between matter and mind. Monism is a belief that mind is a manifestation of matter.  Dawkins  points out that children are naturally dualists. He is right and the reason for this is that they subconsciously, or sometimes  consciously, remember that they have been born from the spiritual world. According to Dawkins this is childhood gullibility. 

As he is a monist, Dawkins cannot comprehend anything outside matter. He ridicules the idea of anything existing apart from the physical. It is remarkable that a man with such a brilliant academic mind so vehemently refuses to look into the vastly extensive subject of life after death or mediumship or any of the numerous psychic experiences that millions of people experience. He should take a leaf out of the work of Sir Oliver Lodge who was dismissed from the Royal Society for confirming psychic phenomena.

In summary, Richard Dawkins, Marcus du Sautoy and Stephen Hawking, all top-ranking scientists are totally unaware of their true, spiritual existence. It is a great pity that they will have to wait until they pass on before they understand the truth about their and our existence.

More quotes by Dawkins:


The fact that life evolved out of nearly nothing, some 10 billion years after the universe evolved out of literally nothing, is a fact so staggering that I would be mad to attempt words to do it justice.


Another example of Dawkins’ certainty that everything he writes is a fact. As a total materialist, he cannot comprehend that he is a spiritual being incarnate although there is unlimited evidence to confirm our spiritual essence. He just ignores any evidence that contradicts his own certainties.



The essence of life is statistical improbability on a colossal scale.


No! This statement shows that atheism and materialism are not the stuff of reason but are just as much nonsense as the beliefs of the religious.

See The Essence of Life by Alan Valiant on this website for the truth.



God exists, if only in the form of a meme with high survival value, or infective power, in the environment provided by human culture.


Dawkins’ dogmatism is matched only by the blind acceptance of religious beliefs by the millions of non-thinkers on earth.



Natural selection is anything but random.


There is no natural selection. All is Creation.

Alan Valiant, Supreme Spiritual Master  


5th September 1996

What possible credence can, in future, be given to modern science when a scientist such as Professor Richard Dawkins can be given an hour on television to propagate his non-sensical principles of evolution? His belief that everything originated from nothing, coupled with his bold statement that we are descended from bacteria, if you please, and his feeble attempts to claim that science can explain “where we came from and who we are”, place him in my opinion, on the lowest rung of the spiritual scale.

His obvious materialistic atheism makes him a highly unsuitable person to be allowed to present his unsupportable theories, not facts, to a class of children as he was shown doing on television in the programme “Break the Science Barrier”. There is no actual evidence to prove that species evolved one from another. Some species have changed or mutated in discrete jumps but not by natural selection.

I was astounded when this eminent professor said, “There are no psychic people on earth!” If that is the case, then the scores of spiritual beings with whom I communicate every week are not there! I have been wasting the last thirty-five years of my life talking to no one! Far from achieving his aim of convincing me that science is important, the programme had exactly the opposite effect. Has Professor Dawkins never heard of his really eminent predecessors, Sir William Crookes and Sir Oliver Lodge?  They were real scientists who understood their spiritual state.

In an earlier programme, another evolutionist began his speech with, “I am an accident. We are all accidents.” He then spent the rest of the programme trying to show that everything that exists is the result of an accident. These scientists are spiritually blind and have such a long way to go before they start the long climb up the spiritual ladder. My advice to anyone who saw Dawkins ’  programme is to forget it and any children who were taken in by his “explanations” should ignore him. It was summed up very neatly by a young boy in the class at school who said, “I didn’t know my relatives were bacteria!”

In the light of my knowledge, not belief, I pour scorn on his statements. As William Shakespeare wrote, “Man, proud man, dressed in a little brief authority, most ignorant of what he’s most assured.”

Alan Valiant


Quotation from The Spirits Book by Allan Kardec p409.

“I appeal to all honest adversaries of Spiritism and I adjure them to say whether they have taken the trouble to study what they criticise, reminding them that criticism is necessarily of no value unless the critic knows what he is talking about. To ridicule that of which we know nothing, which we have not made the subject of conscientious examination is not to criticise but to give proof of frivolity and want of judgment.”


The following is a newspaper article.


Atheists are more intelligent then religious people according to a study. Those with high IQs did not need the support of religion because they have better self-esteem and build more supportive relationships, a review of 63 studies by New York’s University of Rochester found.

Even in children, the more intelligent they are, the more probable they would avoid church. One theme emerged, researchers concluded, “Religious beliefs are irrational, not anchored in science, not testable and so don’t appeal to intelligent people”.

Comment by Alan Valiant

The former statement is obviously correct. However, when it comes to a knowledge and understanding of our spiritual nature, it is the scientists who display the least intelligence when they deny that there is a spiritual existence or a Creator. It is not necessary to believe in a religion, as the spiritual existence is paramount and is not connected to any known system of religious beliefs.  An understanding that we survive so-called death and continue to exist in the spiritual world is infinitely preferable to belief in a religious doctrine. One should be able to say, “I have no beliefs, I either know or I don’t know” as did the great philosopher and psychiatrist, Professor Carl Jung, now resident on Plane Six.

Alan Valiant



Many people, when apparently alone, have felt a presence and, on looking around, have seen nobody. Others have even seen people who had earlier died, often unknown to the observer. This idea of beings interested in us, yet rarely perceivable, can be a most consoling one. One learned sage, more observant than most, wrote, “Man is never less alone than when he is alone!”

During a period of several years when I lived alone, I was able to understand that statement and in fact I was never lonely. I believe that people who complain of being lonely are, in general, materialistic. Further, they have in many cases used their intellect but little in their lives. I have met old men, living alone, who did not know what it was to be lonely, not because they had plenty of company, they did not, but because they had disciplined their minds by acquiring skills and developing hobbies. Most importantly, though, they had practised the ability to sit in silence and think, or not think, at will. This is probably the most therapeutic action that anyone could take when alone.

Many people are surrounded by noise for twenty-four hours a day. They are virtually never in a quiet atmosphere. If they encounter silence, they will break it by creating a noise. As an example of this, a London man hired a canal boat for a week’s holiday. After spending one night in it in a peaceful, rural environment, he told the hirer that he had had enough and he was going home. When asked if there were something wrong with the boat, the man replied, “Oh,no. I awoke in the middle of the night and could hear absolutely nothing. I just can’t stand the silence”. I think it is a pity that people become dependent upon the presence of noise to remind them of their existence in the physical world. If they could regularly sit in silence for an hour or two at a time, they would eventually become aware of their real existence, the timeless one. In many homes, if the radio is not switched on, the television set is and, if that is not on, the record player or stereo outfit is.


Another factor in life that influences the thoughts and behaviour of people is that of age. Age is used as an excuse for inaction, in so many cases. This probably results from the commonly held belief that one is a body. The ageing of the body may be observed by all but what of the individual, the person him or her self? Do they age? If one can accept that one has always existed and always will, then age is irrelevant. So, in the eternity of infinity of which we are a part, we cannot age!

Ask any healthy, active old person how they feel and they will almost certainly tell you that they feel no different from the way that they felt in their twenties. If the physical body is giving trouble, then the reply might be different. We do not age! Only the physical body ages since it is dependent upon time cycles for its funtion. The sleep cycle and the skin-change cycle are but two examples.

Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, said on the subject of age, “The measurement of life by solar years robs youth and gives ugliness to age. The radiant sun of virtue and truth coexists with being. Manhood is its eternal noon, undimmed by a declining sun. Neither age nor accident can interfere with the senses of soul and there are no other real senses”.

This shrewd observer of the spiritual existence also said, “There is no life, truth, intelligence nor substance in matter”. She too, was thinking in terms of eternity. People sometimes say to me when discussing an activity such as swimming or sailing, “Oh, I’m too old for that sort of thing”. Often they are under fifty. My reply is that, if they really wanted to do something, they would not use age as an excuse for not doing it and that all one needs is the determination to succeed in addition to physical and mental health.

Many examples have been set by people of advancing years to prove the point, such as the eighty-year old man who crossed a high waterfall on a tight-rope and others who, in Britain, are taking degrees through the open university system. A woman of twenty-four told me recently that she did not want to live to be middle-aged. So effectively must she have been conditioned to believe that old age is undesirable that it had almost turned into a death-wish. To some, every advancing year is a penance. If only people would stop thinking of themselves as bodies, they could liberate themselves from the false yoke of age I have become happier as I have grown older. This has come about in proportion to the increase in my understanding of life and to the extent that I have discovered truths concerning my continued existence after the death of my body. To realise that there is no death has a deep effect that permeates thought and radically alters one’s outlook.

You are as old as you are and nothing can alter that. Age has no real significance. We all die. That is inevitable. Also, we all continue to exist and that is equally inevitable. Why not, then, just regard the moment of death as simply closing one door and opening another.

Alan Valiant, Supreme Spiritual Master


We are brought up on so many fallacies that it is a wonder any of us ever achieve enlightenment. In my experience, the way to understanding is to challenge everything that one is told regarding life, God and existence.  A blind acceptance of religious beliefs is a formidable barrier to the clarity of vision so necessary to be able to observe and recognise a truth when it is revealed. An ability to discern, far above the average, is needed in order to be aware of a truth when one has found it. Only a penetrating and persistent search for knowledge can be rewarded with knowledge. One cannot play a musical instrument well without considerable study and practice. Neither can one bring the torch of knowledge to its full luminance without intensive application and effort.

Some people say there are no truths or that truth is relative. This is not so. For example, either there is life after death or there is not. One answer is obviously true. Similarly, there can only be one true reply to the question, ”Do we reincarnate?” Let us then consider some of the many fallacies that one hears being bandied about as though they were truisms.

Fallacy 1: You only live once.

In view of the enormous amount of evidence in books, newpapers and television programs, this is probably one of the easiest statements to disprove to one’s satisfaction. Many people have been able to recall earlier lives by various means such as visiting the Akashic Record in the spiritual world and seeing for themselves what they did and who they were in former lives. I have recalled incidents from at least fourteen of my previous lives. There would be little purpose in Our Illustrious Creator’s plan if we lived only once. As an example, the African baby that lives but a few hours would have had no opportunity to experience life. Whereas the tycoon, the millionaire and the humble tradesman all have an opportunity to fulfil their karmas and continue their rise to the highest spiritual realms.

Fallacy 2 You cannot be in two places at once.

Bilocation as it is called has been experienced by many ordinary people. Anyone who knows that he can leave his body and be exterior and who practises it knows that he can perceive objects in space at any distance from his body and still be aware of it. The exterior being’s perception is often very good but at the same time any stimulus in the physical environment, such as a noise, will be sensed. This appears to show that it is possible to be in two places at once.

Fallacy 3 You are a long time dead.

The intervals of earth time after successive incarnations are sometimes very short. The shortest time between bodies that I can recall was six years. The longest interval that I know of was nearly four thousand million years. In the latter case, the incarnation was on another planet in a different solar system from that of earth.

Fallacy 4 You know nothing when you are born.

The apparency of total ignorance in a  young child can be challenged by the many authenticated accounts of outstanding ability such as that of Wolfgang Mozart who was composing good music at the piano at the age of four years and taught himself to play the violin at about the same age. The child had had no formal training in music yet he displayed incredible proficiency. The great psychiatrist and philosopher, Professor, Doctor Carl Jung said, “ We are not born tabula rasa, that is with a clean slate”. He was right.

Fallacy 5 We think with our brains. 

This is the one which most psychiatrists and scientists believe to be true. In order to be more specific, let us define thinking as the production of mental image pictures at will. For example, the engineer designing a car, in addition to performing mathematical calculations, produces mental image pictures of its construction on an imaginary screen in his head. This is a thought process.

While exterior from the body, an individual being can still create image pictures. In this the process is taking place outside the body and not in the brain. This knocks aside the beliefs of the psychiatric surgeons who seriously contend that mental processes occur in the brain. They attempt to rectify human behaviour by cutting pieces out of the brain as in leucotomy and prefrontal lobotomy.

Mental processes occur in the mind. Memories are stored in the mind. If they were stored in the brain, how could anyone recall a previous life?  His previous brain had died. The theory of cryptomnesis is not a valid one. This is the belief that memory is genetically transmitted through one’s forebears.

Fallacy 6 The causes of all illness are physical.

It is important to note that while the effects of many illnesses are physical the causes are frequently mental in origin.  The traumatic physical manifestations of psychosomatic illnesses are well known.  Typical examples are asthma, bronchitis and hay fever. The discomfort is real enough but it is rarely, if ever, that a physical cure can be found. They do however often respond to skilled counselling that includes an investigation into past life experiences.  Living under constant stress such as a war situation or living with a psychotic partner for example can result in numerous psychosomatic illnesses.  I can personally testify to this.

Fallacy 7  Psychosomatic illness can be cured by physical means.

There is no doubt about the invalidity of this statement. The use of drugs, a physical means, invariably induces in the patient a malaise that he did not suffer from before. The symptoms being treated may, in some cases, apparently disappear only to be replaced by a worse condition caused by the treatment.

In the case of  “ aversion therapy” in which a patient who wishes to stop smoking for example is given an electric shock every time he goes to smoke a cigarette or when an emetic is put into an alcoholic’s drink, so that he is sick every time he drinks, it is not surprising that these techniques appear to work. No one is going to suffer electric shocks willingly, indefinitely.

In fact, electric shocks can damage the cells of the brain. The poor victim is getting rid of his addiction to smoking only to have a great deal worse set in store for him in the future. Similar reasoning may be applied to the effects of an emetic.

Aversion therapy is a physical treatment and, if intended to cure a mental problem, it may exchange an undesirable condition for a worse one. One thing is certain, it cannot improve a human being. Progress will be made when those in the psychiatric professions learn that the mind is not the brain and is not in the brain.

Fallacy 7  Telepathy, psychokinesis, telekinesis and paramnesia are either coincidental or illusory.

 Telepathy has been the subject of scientific tests for many decades and in practically all properly conducted tests the incidence of successful identification of objects or drawings by the people under investigation has been so high as to rule out pure chance.

Occasionally, a newspaper will call for personal accounts by the public to relate their experiences in telepathy. The readers’  letters are often quite fascinating and are invariably inexplicable by any means other than a suggestion that a communication by two people at a distance has taken place.

Soon after I married I was serving in the Royal Air Force some eighty miles from home. My duties and hours were such that I never had advance notice of a twenty-four hour pass to be able to write or telephone my wife to tell her that I was going home. I just turned up on the doorstep. The incredible thing was that, on several occasions, I entered my house to find my place laid at the table. Extra food had been bought.

When I asked my wife how she knew I was coming home, she said that she just knew!  She became aware of my homecoming usually on the morning of the day I was travelling, at about the time I learned that I was free for a couple of days. I verified with my mother that my wife did not make any preparations in the hope that I was coming home, other than on the actual days.

My Aunt was asleep in bed one night during the second world war. Suddenly she awoke and sat up.  A realisation cam to her that her son was in danger. He was an Air Observer flying over Germany on bombing raids in a Lancaster bomber. Some days later, my aunt received a telegram from the War Office stating that her son was missing believed killed on active service.  Many months later his death was confirmed. Correspondence with survivors from the aeroplane confirmed the fact that the time that his mother had sat up in bed was the time that the aircraft w as shot down by a German night fighter over Quackenbruck.  Four men were killed and three baled out.

  Psychokinesis or movement of an object by a psychic agency is the kind of thing that is typically reported as having taken place at spiritualist seances. The nineteenth century produced a great number of  people able to demonstrate psychokinesis, one of the greatest of whom was Daniel Home. At the height of his abilities he would submit to any scientific tests and, while he was being held by the investigating committee members, tables would rear up and the floor would shake. Investigators who set out to prove Home a fake only finished up admitting that the phenomena that he was able to produce were completely genuine.

    Telekinesis is the production of motion at a distance without physical intervention. As an example of this, on one occasion only have I been consciously able to influence matter at a distance. My billiards partner and I were engaged in a tense bid for supremacy bringing out every ounce of skill that we possessed.  The cue ball lay near the top left pocket, the red object ball near the far left pocket.  I cued the white ball and could see immediately that it was going to go wide of the red ball. At this moment I was so determined not to lose the shot that I “willed” the cue ball to veer to the left.

Much to my surprise and even more to the surprise of my partner, the white ball swerved and not only struck the red ball but potted it as well.  A similar thing happened twice more in the same game.

Afterwards my partner and I were still skeptical. We suspected that the billiards table was warped but tests showed that it was not. My bemused friend admitted that I had struck the cue ball centrally in each case thus eliminating the possibility of my having imparted bias to the ball. My conclusion was that in some mysterious way I had been able to influence the course of the ball by mental means.

          Paramnesia is defined in the dictionary as “false memory”. It is a word applied to the kind of phenomenon where a person has a strong feeling on visiting a place for the first time that they have been there before. Many such instances are known and the details of some contain significant data that stress heavily the probability that the person had been there before in a previous life. One man knew exactly what the inside of a church tower was like although he had not visited it in his present life. He described to the vicar in advance what was up in the tower.

The vicar thought it was odd when the man mentioned a door that was no longer visible. On checking the records it was found that there had been a door at the exact place that the man had indicated. The man concerned had discovered by some means that he had hidden in the church tower from the enemy during the English Civil War. Was this then a false memory?

An interesting case in recent years is the one of the woman who wrote an “autobiography” of King James 1.  “The castle in which the king lived is different now” said the authoress. She described the details.  So familiar does she claim to be with the affairs of the time that she challenges the history books.  In this case, the person knows of and remembers the earlier life.

Is this a false memory?  It seems that the word paramnesia is wrongly applied.

In summary, it seems that all the phenomena mentioned are regarded by most people as illusory yet so many accounts and revelations by individuals tend to confirm that what they claim is true, is true.

Alan Valiant, Supreme Spiritual Master

My Philosophy

The desire to know the reason for my own existence led me to think very deeply on metaphysical subjects from a very early age. My instinct was to study and learn as much as possible about as many subjects as possible. As a young man, I went through a phase of disbelieving occult phenomena but soon abandoned my attitude in favour of one that allowed me to believe that everything is possible until I prove to myself otherwise. Finally, certain experiences in the realm of the spirit convinced me that I was on the right path. I was satisfied that man is a spiritual being but I did not understand all that it implied.

Reincarnation is a fact! Some Christians believe that God creates a new soul for each new body and it is interesting to ask at this point, “How is this belief to be reconciled with the Christian doctrine that all men are born in sin”? It can be said that, no matter what we do here and now, once we die we have no further responsibility if death is the end.

Those people who have made the most of their lives could be said to have wasted their time, since others can survive equally well by stealing, fraud, swindling and other illegal means. Just think of it! Thousands of hours of working and learning and all for no more than the right to eat and have a roof over one’s head?

The criminal would appear to end his life on a par with the righteous man. If you subscribe to the “oblivion after death” theory, you have nothing to fear in death because you believe that you cannot be made responsible for your behaviour in life, no matter how terrible it may have been. If, however, you had behaved well, you would have to go unrewarded. Thus, there would be little incentive to behave either badly or well but, since it is easier to refuse responsibility than to acccept it, the chances are that the majority would refuse it. The “one life only” theory contributes nothing towards an understanding of occult phenomena. In fact, it tends to indicate that the phenomena are unreal and hallucinatory in nature and should be attributed to imagination or coincidence if any evidence of their apparent existence should manifest itself.

That some people acquire a real understanding of life and existence before they die is quite remarkable, particularly in the western so-called civilisations, since they are fed false information from the time they begin to comprehend their language.

If one were born into an agnostic or atheistic family for example, nothing of a spiritual nature would ever be discussed because it just does not exist according to them. God is a being in whom others believe but His existence does not apply to the atheist.

On the other hand, one born into a family of orthodox Christian belief would be fed “belief as opposed to knowledge, since the whole essence of Christianity is that one should “believe”, no matter how preposterous the exhortation might appear to be. The most exalted Christian prelates have indicated by their expressed views in radio and television programmes, as well as in numerous books, that their concept of the soul or spirit and its fate after death is based entirely on their or someone else’s interpretation of the bible. These views are not observed facts known to the individual but are assumptions based on a total acceptance of the truth of the bible with all its contradictions and a belief that it is the word of God.

It is noteworthy that, although the churches talk glibly of truth and enlightenment, relatively few people actually appear to acquire an understanding of these desirable abstract qualities through a study of Christianity. Reincarnation is ruled out by the Catholic church. The non-catholics seem unsure but most of them assume that it is not a fact. It is, perhaps, a paradox that many Christians are able to base their religion on the spiritual existence without ever really finding out what spirit is or what it can do.

Anything that has a direct connection with the spirit is avoided by the orthodox religions. Spiritualism, as practised, is not recognised by the orthodox churches and is not, therefore, believed to have any foundation in truth. It would be heresy to suggest that the spirit of man can leave his body! This comes more under the heading of, “everybody knows that man is an animal” which a famous scientist was always so eager to point out in his talks on television. He was not alone. Some biologists of my acquaintance hold the same belief.

I think it is reasonable to assume that the vast majority of “westerners” attach themselves to one of the hundreds of different religions or they remain atheistic and dogmatically opposed to anything religious or they subscribe to agnosticism, disbelieving everything beyond material phenomena and usually remain highly sceptical. The latter group is probably in a better position to start on the path to truth and enlightenment than the others.

A minority remains in the form of a number of people who KNOW to a lesser or greater degree what life is about, what has happened to them in previous lives and what is likely to happen to them in the future. I think that one may safely assume that most people in this minority KNOW what they know because of personal experiences and not because of what they believe or what they have been told. The path to truth and absolute knowledge opens up to those who have a deep interest in finding out. “Seek and ye shall find!” is a biblical truism.

During the process of finding out one may study many diverse religions and ‘ologies and read books on a wide variety of spiritual phenomena. These studies usually lead to a greater willingness to accept the possibility of the truth of the existence of the phenomena but Truth is not likely to be made manifest to the student by study alone. He must practise what he learns academically and arrive at conclusions by observing the results of his efforts.

Eventually, it is hoped that the student will experience at least one incident that makes him totally aware of his timeless, spiritual existence. This event is usually a milestone in that person’s life and can completely change his attitudes and his outlook

Let the student assume, for the sake of discussion, that reincarnation is a fact. What sort of a picture presents itself now? First, he would know that he comes back! Knowing this, most people would tend to modify their behaviour considerably. If we come back then, in the period between physical bodies we must still exist in a universe of which we are normally unable to be aware while incarnate. Knowing that we return gives us also the knowledge that we continue to exist after death. This in itself must be very satisfying to most people since they would not like to contemplate just ceasing to exist.

It would behove every person on earth to treat others, including their own families, with great respect and to set the highest possible examples of altruism and integrity because they may be reincarnated into a situation that they had a hand in creating. In this instance, the individual concerned would be directly reaping the benefits of any good that he may have passed on, also he would be experiencing the disadvantages of any maltreatment of or apathy towards others.

As we are assuming that one comes back, is it not reasonable that we could return into a body of any racial origin? Then we could be born white, black, brown, yellow or red. Furthermore, the family circumstances into which we might be born are unlimited. We may be rich or poor, male or female and so on. These possibilities put a different light on violence and war. A soldier who kills a member of a much-hated enemy race or nation could easily be born again as a member of the very race or nation that he so despised. My own cousin, shot down and killed in a Lancaster bomber during the second world war was reincarnated as a German boy and was later killed in a school bus accident. Upon reaching adulthood, one could join the military forces and find himself fighting his own descendants from his previous life.

Those who use bombs and guns instead of words and who claim to be politically motivated are merely creating a world far worse than the one in which they find themselves at present and are very likely to become victims of their own hatred and violence when they return to earth.

Tens of thousands of human beings are legally murdered every year in the name of abortion. Why should it be assumed that a human being does not exist as such until his birth? From the moment of conception, all the attributes and qualities of a man are there, spirit, mind and body. Also, one can be affected in one’s present life by painful experiences in an earlier life. I know of two people who have recalled previous life abortions, the effects of which were making them very ill and unhappy in the present. During the recall, one of the victims felt the sharp stab of a knitting needle as it was pushed into his head. The other person could feel the burning effect of carbolic, in each case, their bodies were aborted.

Those were living human beings that were destroyed. Is this not murder in the same degree as infanticide is? Every act of this kind must produce a hideous effect which is often re-awakened in the victim in later life. The present world situation, created by man, indicates that he is on a downward path. Surely, this is not just coincidence? As a child, I was naive enough to believe that, through improved education and enlightenment by increasingly tolerant and understanding parents man was improving his behaviour. I assumed that violence and crime would decrease but in fact they have increased beyond all reason.

That violence begets violence is of course observably obvious. That violence is visited upon successive generations is less obvious but it seems to be a fact born out daily by the testimonies of people fortunate enough to have been able to recall painful moments of their past lives and who have been suffering in their present lives because those painful moments were hidden from their conscious memory.

There have never in history been so many inmates of psychiatric institutions nor so many people receiving treatment for mental disorders. We can assume that the future and the present cannot adversely affect the mind since the one has not yet occurred and the other can be observed. It is the hidden past where the causes of illness, anxiety, worry and insanity may frequently lie.

Periods of trauma could often be attributed to harmful, aggressive acts by individuals or by oneself against others. Even where an apparent accident occurs, there is usually a suppressive person or group somewhere, either in the present or past. It would appear that the majority of people are made ill and unhappy by a small minority whose only reason for existence is the destruction of the legitimate aims and ideals of others.

Alan Valiant, Supreme Spiritual Master

Articles Of Spiritual Understanding

1        Understand that our Creator’s laws apply to all humans and animals in the universe.  There is no hell and no devil or Satan.

2        No religion can claim God’s favour to the exclusion of all others.

3        No religious ceremony such as mass or the last rites can raise a person spiritually or influence their karma.

4        No priest can save a soul. Only by the individual’s behaviour throughout his/her many lives can a person become saved which means having reached a spiritual state where no more incarnations are necessary.

5        Absolution is meaningless and cannot absolve anyone from their contraventions of our Creator’s laws, otherwise known as sins.

6         See “My Conversations with Jesus Christ” by Alan Valiant.  Pub. By the author 1989).

7        Jesus Christ does not and cannot save sinners. You will reap as you have sown, as Jesus Christ himself said. Since this is the case, how could he save anyone? This would be a contradiction.

8        No sin is ever forgiven. It must be atoned for. (This does not mean by self-flaggellation or by penances imposed by priests).  This is karmic law.

9        We live many lives. The late Professor Carl Jung said, “We are not of today. We come of an immense age”. This explains people’s fortunes, whether they are rich or poor and their talents, either lacking talent or highly skilled.

10    The crimes committed in the name of religion represent the worst human behaviour ever recorded in the name of God. It is axiomatic that the deeply religious commit atrocities.

11    Here are a few:  The “Holy” Crusades when thousands of men, women and children were tortured and slaughtered on the orders of the pope.

12    The Inquisition; an appalling period imposed by power-seeking priests. Torture of the most cruel kind and death were ordered against anyone who refused to believe the nonsense of the Christian teachings. Whole communities were burned alive.

13    The massacre of the Cathars, a sect that believed, quite rightly, in reincarnation. They were burned alive en masse, again on the orders of the pope.

14    The genocide in South America when the bible-toting christians exterminated the Inca civilization claiming that they indulged in human sacrifice. This was exactly what they themselves were doing, only on a massive scale. This was followed by the looting of gold on an enormous scale and the destruction of a civilization.

15    The ill-fated Armada against Britain was organized by the religious authorities in Spain.

16    The continuing crimes against humanity by the prohibition of contraception. Thousands die of starvation caused by over-population and children are shot in the streets in South America because they have no parental home. Aids proliferates while public condom burning ceremonies are supervised by priests.

17    The high incidence of paedophilia among priests partly caused by the celibacy laws of the Church causes great suffering to innocent young children, ruining their lives.

18    Prayer. Mass prayers are ineffectual. The answers to prayers must be within the scope of the individual’s karma. Personal prayers and those on behalf of others may be answered by God if karma permits; otherwise the situation will not change.  I can personally testify to the efficacy of prayer.

19    The religious hierarchy; priests, cardinals, bishops and popes have NO authority vested in them by God, they merely perpetuate man-made religions.

20    Every human being is an individuation of our Creator.  

21    The monotheistic beliefs are false. There are three gods in heaven; our Illustrious Creator, the Lord God and God whose main function is to supervise karmas.

22    Penances by priests are only one more means of suppressing the believers.

23    Brainwashing of children by cruel nuns and priests is a crime.

24    Belief in religious doctrines is counter-productive and it inhibits spiritual growth.

25    Most deeply religious people after “death”, complain that the promises made by their priests did not happen, causing them great disillusionment.  They then have to try to abandon a lifetime’s false information and start from the beginning to learn the truth.

 Alan Valiant, Supreme Spiritual Master


The Dawkins Delusion

Richard Dawkins believes that everything in existence began as an accident and teaches children that we are all descended from bacteria that formed after certain chemicals and proteins fell from other planets to the earth. Consider what this theory demands that you accept.

Most significant of all is the irresistible desire to procreate in every species from an amoeba to a human being. Where did this desire and the other senses come from and what was their purpose? Could it have been an accident?

This ultra intelligent accident decided in its wisdom that it would be necessary to have two sexes in order to propagate the millions of species extant on earth. No accident could have caused this situation. This one fact alone invalidates the theory of accidentalism.

In order for creatures to develop eyes, for example, this accident must have known that sight is not only possible but necessary for most creatures to exist. Furthermore, its knowledge of optics implies that the accident was aware that distances needed to be focused upon. The human body is a carbon-oxygen engine controlled by electric currents. The brain is the computer of the physical body and the mind is the computer that controls the brain.

Knowledge of sonics is necessary to design hearing organs. Knowledge of hydrodynamics is needed to design fish. Knowledge of aerodynamics is necessary to design birds and flying insects. Knowledge of thermodynamics is necessary to design creatures such as snakes that use infrared sensors. This reasoning applies to all the senses.

The next procedure for this accident to attend to would have been the actual design of the millions of animal species. Each creature is perfectly designed to live in its own environment. Each one has a predilection for certain food and an innate urge to mate with its gender counterpart. Are these desires the product of the brain?

The physiology of the tiniest spider is such that it can spin a web as long as it lives with the sole purpose of attracting food. Did this incredible ability derive from chemicals and minerals that fell from outer space? Who decided that the web would be sticky? Consider the numerous types of spider web! I submit that without intelligent design, these factors are epistemologically impossible.

The complex structure of mammalian bodies is such that only a super intelligence could possibly have designed them. The interplay between mind, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, alimentary system and blood system, all connected to the nervous system and the sense organs renders the theory of accidentalism and random selection non-sensical. It is now known that the blueprint for the creation of animal forms is contained in their DNA. Dawkins states that DNA is the answer to evolution but he does not query where it originated. Accident? Absolutely not!

Without knowledge of the effect that each permutation of DNA would have on the physical structure of the creature, no animated forms would exist. Therefore, for the creation of any animated life form, prior knowledge of the outcome must be known. This rules out any suggestion of life being the result of an accident and renders Dawkins’ theory a non sequitur.

Axiom: Nothing can exist without a previous thought process.
Every one of man’s creations, from a stone axe to a space ship, has been the result of human thought. Thus it is in the creation of universes. Nothing can exist without the law of cause and effect being brought into play. For every cause there is an effect and for every effect, there must be a cause.

Everything in the universe is the effect of our Illustrious Creator’s thoughts which he has the power to materialise. Therefore, creation occurs at the interface between the spiritual universe and the physical universe. I submit that there is absolutely no evidence to support the theory of evolution in the sense that one species is assumed to have developed from another. No intermediate species have ever been found.

However, man did not originate on the planet Earth. It was populated by men and women from the Planet Yolland Allicay which lies outside our solar system. Space travel is older than our planet which is but one of several other populated planets. This knowledge is being suppressed by the world governments but it has been known since man went to the moon in the twentieth century and discovered that it is occupied by aliens.

The Balance of Nature

Man is the only creature that can permanently change the ecological balance on earth. No one animal species ever predominates or wipes out another. The ecological balance is further evidence of the creator’s supreme control. Whereas animals can only function according to their nature, man has been given free will which he often interprets as meaning he has the authority to destroy the earth and its occupants.

Alan Valiant,  Supreme Spiritual Master