Articles Of Spiritual Understanding

1        Understand that our Creator’s laws apply to all humans and animals in the universe.  There is no hell and no devil or Satan.

2        No religion can claim God’s favour to the exclusion of all others.

3        No religious ceremony such as mass or the last rites can raise a person spiritually or influence their karma.

4        No priest can save a soul. Only by the individual’s behaviour throughout his/her many lives can a person become saved which means having reached a spiritual state where no more incarnations are necessary.

5        Absolution is meaningless and cannot absolve anyone from their contraventions of our Creator’s laws, otherwise known as sins.

6         See “My Conversations with Jesus Christ” by Alan Valiant.  Pub. By the author 1989).

7        Jesus Christ does not and cannot save sinners. You will reap as you have sown, as Jesus Christ himself said. Since this is the case, how could he save anyone? This would be a contradiction.

8        No sin is ever forgiven. It must be atoned for. (This does not mean by self-flaggellation or by penances imposed by priests).  This is karmic law.

9        We live many lives. The late Professor Carl Jung said, “We are not of today. We come of an immense age”. This explains people’s fortunes, whether they are rich or poor and their talents, either lacking talent or highly skilled.

10    The crimes committed in the name of religion represent the worst human behaviour ever recorded in the name of God. It is axiomatic that the deeply religious commit atrocities.

11    Here are a few:  The “Holy” Crusades when thousands of men, women and children were tortured and slaughtered on the orders of the pope.

12    The Inquisition; an appalling period imposed by power-seeking priests. Torture of the most cruel kind and death were ordered against anyone who refused to believe the nonsense of the Christian teachings. Whole communities were burned alive.

13    The massacre of the Cathars, a sect that believed, quite rightly, in reincarnation. They were burned alive en masse, again on the orders of the pope.

14    The genocide in South America when the bible-toting christians exterminated the Inca civilization claiming that they indulged in human sacrifice. This was exactly what they themselves were doing, only on a massive scale. This was followed by the looting of gold on an enormous scale and the destruction of a civilization.

15    The ill-fated Armada against Britain was organized by the religious authorities in Spain.

16    The continuing crimes against humanity by the prohibition of contraception. Thousands die of starvation caused by over-population and children are shot in the streets in South America because they have no parental home. Aids proliferates while public condom burning ceremonies are supervised by priests.

17    The high incidence of paedophilia among priests partly caused by the celibacy laws of the Church causes great suffering to innocent young children, ruining their lives.

18    Prayer. Mass prayers are ineffectual. The answers to prayers must be within the scope of the individual’s karma. Personal prayers and those on behalf of others may be answered by God if karma permits; otherwise the situation will not change.  I can personally testify to the efficacy of prayer.

19    The religious hierarchy; priests, cardinals, bishops and popes have NO authority vested in them by God, they merely perpetuate man-made religions.

20    Every human being is an individuation of our Creator.  

21    The monotheistic beliefs are false. There are three gods in heaven; our Illustrious Creator, the Lord God and God whose main function is to supervise karmas.

22    Penances by priests are only one more means of suppressing the believers.

23    Brainwashing of children by cruel nuns and priests is a crime.

24    Belief in religious doctrines is counter-productive and it inhibits spiritual growth.

25    Most deeply religious people after “death”, complain that the promises made by their priests did not happen, causing them great disillusionment.  They then have to try to abandon a lifetime’s false information and start from the beginning to learn the truth.

 Alan Valiant, Supreme Spiritual Master



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