The Dawkins Delusion

Richard Dawkins believes that everything in existence began as an accident and teaches children that we are all descended from bacteria that formed after certain chemicals and proteins fell from other planets to the earth. Consider what this theory demands that you accept.

Most significant of all is the irresistible desire to procreate in every species from an amoeba to a human being. Where did this desire and the other senses come from and what was their purpose? Could it have been an accident?

This ultra intelligent accident decided in its wisdom that it would be necessary to have two sexes in order to propagate the millions of species extant on earth. No accident could have caused this situation. This one fact alone invalidates the theory of accidentalism.

In order for creatures to develop eyes, for example, this accident must have known that sight is not only possible but necessary for most creatures to exist. Furthermore, its knowledge of optics implies that the accident was aware that distances needed to be focused upon. The human body is a carbon-oxygen engine controlled by electric currents. The brain is the computer of the physical body and the mind is the computer that controls the brain.

Knowledge of sonics is necessary to design hearing organs. Knowledge of hydrodynamics is needed to design fish. Knowledge of aerodynamics is necessary to design birds and flying insects. Knowledge of thermodynamics is necessary to design creatures such as snakes that use infrared sensors. This reasoning applies to all the senses.

The next procedure for this accident to attend to would have been the actual design of the millions of animal species. Each creature is perfectly designed to live in its own environment. Each one has a predilection for certain food and an innate urge to mate with its gender counterpart. Are these desires the product of the brain?

The physiology of the tiniest spider is such that it can spin a web as long as it lives with the sole purpose of attracting food. Did this incredible ability derive from chemicals and minerals that fell from outer space? Who decided that the web would be sticky? Consider the numerous types of spider web! I submit that without intelligent design, these factors are epistemologically impossible.

The complex structure of mammalian bodies is such that only a super intelligence could possibly have designed them. The interplay between mind, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, alimentary system and blood system, all connected to the nervous system and the sense organs renders the theory of accidentalism and random selection non-sensical. It is now known that the blueprint for the creation of animal forms is contained in their DNA. Dawkins states that DNA is the answer to evolution but he does not query where it originated. Accident? Absolutely not!

Without knowledge of the effect that each permutation of DNA would have on the physical structure of the creature, no animated forms would exist. Therefore, for the creation of any animated life form, prior knowledge of the outcome must be known. This rules out any suggestion of life being the result of an accident and renders Dawkins’ theory a non sequitur.

Axiom: Nothing can exist without a previous thought process.
Every one of man’s creations, from a stone axe to a space ship, has been the result of human thought. Thus it is in the creation of universes. Nothing can exist without the law of cause and effect being brought into play. For every cause there is an effect and for every effect, there must be a cause.

Everything in the universe is the effect of our Illustrious Creator’s thoughts which he has the power to materialise. Therefore, creation occurs at the interface between the spiritual universe and the physical universe. I submit that there is absolutely no evidence to support the theory of evolution in the sense that one species is assumed to have developed from another. No intermediate species have ever been found.

However, man did not originate on the planet Earth. It was populated by men and women from the Planet Yolland Allicay which lies outside our solar system. Space travel is older than our planet which is but one of several other populated planets. This knowledge is being suppressed by the world governments but it has been known since man went to the moon in the twentieth century and discovered that it is occupied by aliens.

The Balance of Nature

Man is the only creature that can permanently change the ecological balance on earth. No one animal species ever predominates or wipes out another. The ecological balance is further evidence of the creator’s supreme control. Whereas animals can only function according to their nature, man has been given free will which he often interprets as meaning he has the authority to destroy the earth and its occupants.

Alan Valiant,  Supreme Spiritual Master


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