We are brought up on so many fallacies that it is a wonder any of us ever achieve enlightenment. In my experience, the way to understanding is to challenge everything that one is told regarding life, God and existence.  A blind acceptance of religious beliefs is a formidable barrier to the clarity of vision so necessary to be able to observe and recognise a truth when it is revealed. An ability to discern, far above the average, is needed in order to be aware of a truth when one has found it. Only a penetrating and persistent search for knowledge can be rewarded with knowledge. One cannot play a musical instrument well without considerable study and practice. Neither can one bring the torch of knowledge to its full luminance without intensive application and effort.

Some people say there are no truths or that truth is relative. This is not so. For example, either there is life after death or there is not. One answer is obviously true. Similarly, there can only be one true reply to the question, ”Do we reincarnate?” Let us then consider some of the many fallacies that one hears being bandied about as though they were truisms.

Fallacy 1: You only live once.

In view of the enormous amount of evidence in books, newpapers and television programs, this is probably one of the easiest statements to disprove to one’s satisfaction. Many people have been able to recall earlier lives by various means such as visiting the Akashic Record in the spiritual world and seeing for themselves what they did and who they were in former lives. I have recalled incidents from at least fourteen of my previous lives. There would be little purpose in Our Illustrious Creator’s plan if we lived only once. As an example, the African baby that lives but a few hours would have had no opportunity to experience life. Whereas the tycoon, the millionaire and the humble tradesman all have an opportunity to fulfil their karmas and continue their rise to the highest spiritual realms.

Fallacy 2 You cannot be in two places at once.

Bilocation as it is called has been experienced by many ordinary people. Anyone who knows that he can leave his body and be exterior and who practises it knows that he can perceive objects in space at any distance from his body and still be aware of it. The exterior being’s perception is often very good but at the same time any stimulus in the physical environment, such as a noise, will be sensed. This appears to show that it is possible to be in two places at once.

Fallacy 3 You are a long time dead.

The intervals of earth time after successive incarnations are sometimes very short. The shortest time between bodies that I can recall was six years. The longest interval that I know of was nearly four thousand million years. In the latter case, the incarnation was on another planet in a different solar system from that of earth.

Fallacy 4 You know nothing when you are born.

The apparency of total ignorance in a  young child can be challenged by the many authenticated accounts of outstanding ability such as that of Wolfgang Mozart who was composing good music at the piano at the age of four years and taught himself to play the violin at about the same age. The child had had no formal training in music yet he displayed incredible proficiency. The great psychiatrist and philosopher, Professor, Doctor Carl Jung said, “ We are not born tabula rasa, that is with a clean slate”. He was right.

Fallacy 5 We think with our brains. 

This is the one which most psychiatrists and scientists believe to be true. In order to be more specific, let us define thinking as the production of mental image pictures at will. For example, the engineer designing a car, in addition to performing mathematical calculations, produces mental image pictures of its construction on an imaginary screen in his head. This is a thought process.

While exterior from the body, an individual being can still create image pictures. In this the process is taking place outside the body and not in the brain. This knocks aside the beliefs of the psychiatric surgeons who seriously contend that mental processes occur in the brain. They attempt to rectify human behaviour by cutting pieces out of the brain as in leucotomy and prefrontal lobotomy.

Mental processes occur in the mind. Memories are stored in the mind. If they were stored in the brain, how could anyone recall a previous life?  His previous brain had died. The theory of cryptomnesis is not a valid one. This is the belief that memory is genetically transmitted through one’s forebears.

Fallacy 6 The causes of all illness are physical.

It is important to note that while the effects of many illnesses are physical the causes are frequently mental in origin.  The traumatic physical manifestations of psychosomatic illnesses are well known.  Typical examples are asthma, bronchitis and hay fever. The discomfort is real enough but it is rarely, if ever, that a physical cure can be found. They do however often respond to skilled counselling that includes an investigation into past life experiences.  Living under constant stress such as a war situation or living with a psychotic partner for example can result in numerous psychosomatic illnesses.  I can personally testify to this.

Fallacy 7  Psychosomatic illness can be cured by physical means.

There is no doubt about the invalidity of this statement. The use of drugs, a physical means, invariably induces in the patient a malaise that he did not suffer from before. The symptoms being treated may, in some cases, apparently disappear only to be replaced by a worse condition caused by the treatment.

In the case of  “ aversion therapy” in which a patient who wishes to stop smoking for example is given an electric shock every time he goes to smoke a cigarette or when an emetic is put into an alcoholic’s drink, so that he is sick every time he drinks, it is not surprising that these techniques appear to work. No one is going to suffer electric shocks willingly, indefinitely.

In fact, electric shocks can damage the cells of the brain. The poor victim is getting rid of his addiction to smoking only to have a great deal worse set in store for him in the future. Similar reasoning may be applied to the effects of an emetic.

Aversion therapy is a physical treatment and, if intended to cure a mental problem, it may exchange an undesirable condition for a worse one. One thing is certain, it cannot improve a human being. Progress will be made when those in the psychiatric professions learn that the mind is not the brain and is not in the brain.

Fallacy 7  Telepathy, psychokinesis, telekinesis and paramnesia are either coincidental or illusory.

 Telepathy has been the subject of scientific tests for many decades and in practically all properly conducted tests the incidence of successful identification of objects or drawings by the people under investigation has been so high as to rule out pure chance.

Occasionally, a newspaper will call for personal accounts by the public to relate their experiences in telepathy. The readers’  letters are often quite fascinating and are invariably inexplicable by any means other than a suggestion that a communication by two people at a distance has taken place.

Soon after I married I was serving in the Royal Air Force some eighty miles from home. My duties and hours were such that I never had advance notice of a twenty-four hour pass to be able to write or telephone my wife to tell her that I was going home. I just turned up on the doorstep. The incredible thing was that, on several occasions, I entered my house to find my place laid at the table. Extra food had been bought.

When I asked my wife how she knew I was coming home, she said that she just knew!  She became aware of my homecoming usually on the morning of the day I was travelling, at about the time I learned that I was free for a couple of days. I verified with my mother that my wife did not make any preparations in the hope that I was coming home, other than on the actual days.

My Aunt was asleep in bed one night during the second world war. Suddenly she awoke and sat up.  A realisation cam to her that her son was in danger. He was an Air Observer flying over Germany on bombing raids in a Lancaster bomber. Some days later, my aunt received a telegram from the War Office stating that her son was missing believed killed on active service.  Many months later his death was confirmed. Correspondence with survivors from the aeroplane confirmed the fact that the time that his mother had sat up in bed was the time that the aircraft w as shot down by a German night fighter over Quackenbruck.  Four men were killed and three baled out.

  Psychokinesis or movement of an object by a psychic agency is the kind of thing that is typically reported as having taken place at spiritualist seances. The nineteenth century produced a great number of  people able to demonstrate psychokinesis, one of the greatest of whom was Daniel Home. At the height of his abilities he would submit to any scientific tests and, while he was being held by the investigating committee members, tables would rear up and the floor would shake. Investigators who set out to prove Home a fake only finished up admitting that the phenomena that he was able to produce were completely genuine.

    Telekinesis is the production of motion at a distance without physical intervention. As an example of this, on one occasion only have I been consciously able to influence matter at a distance. My billiards partner and I were engaged in a tense bid for supremacy bringing out every ounce of skill that we possessed.  The cue ball lay near the top left pocket, the red object ball near the far left pocket.  I cued the white ball and could see immediately that it was going to go wide of the red ball. At this moment I was so determined not to lose the shot that I “willed” the cue ball to veer to the left.

Much to my surprise and even more to the surprise of my partner, the white ball swerved and not only struck the red ball but potted it as well.  A similar thing happened twice more in the same game.

Afterwards my partner and I were still skeptical. We suspected that the billiards table was warped but tests showed that it was not. My bemused friend admitted that I had struck the cue ball centrally in each case thus eliminating the possibility of my having imparted bias to the ball. My conclusion was that in some mysterious way I had been able to influence the course of the ball by mental means.

          Paramnesia is defined in the dictionary as “false memory”. It is a word applied to the kind of phenomenon where a person has a strong feeling on visiting a place for the first time that they have been there before. Many such instances are known and the details of some contain significant data that stress heavily the probability that the person had been there before in a previous life. One man knew exactly what the inside of a church tower was like although he had not visited it in his present life. He described to the vicar in advance what was up in the tower.

The vicar thought it was odd when the man mentioned a door that was no longer visible. On checking the records it was found that there had been a door at the exact place that the man had indicated. The man concerned had discovered by some means that he had hidden in the church tower from the enemy during the English Civil War. Was this then a false memory?

An interesting case in recent years is the one of the woman who wrote an “autobiography” of King James 1.  “The castle in which the king lived is different now” said the authoress. She described the details.  So familiar does she claim to be with the affairs of the time that she challenges the history books.  In this case, the person knows of and remembers the earlier life.

Is this a false memory?  It seems that the word paramnesia is wrongly applied.

In summary, it seems that all the phenomena mentioned are regarded by most people as illusory yet so many accounts and revelations by individuals tend to confirm that what they claim is true, is true.

Alan Valiant, Supreme Spiritual Master


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