My Philosophy

The desire to know the reason for my own existence led me to think very deeply on metaphysical subjects from a very early age. My instinct was to study and learn as much as possible about as many subjects as possible. As a young man, I went through a phase of disbelieving occult phenomena but soon abandoned my attitude in favour of one that allowed me to believe that everything is possible until I prove to myself otherwise. Finally, certain experiences in the realm of the spirit convinced me that I was on the right path. I was satisfied that man is a spiritual being but I did not understand all that it implied.

Reincarnation is a fact! Some Christians believe that God creates a new soul for each new body and it is interesting to ask at this point, “How is this belief to be reconciled with the Christian doctrine that all men are born in sin”? It can be said that, no matter what we do here and now, once we die we have no further responsibility if death is the end.

Those people who have made the most of their lives could be said to have wasted their time, since others can survive equally well by stealing, fraud, swindling and other illegal means. Just think of it! Thousands of hours of working and learning and all for no more than the right to eat and have a roof over one’s head?

The criminal would appear to end his life on a par with the righteous man. If you subscribe to the “oblivion after death” theory, you have nothing to fear in death because you believe that you cannot be made responsible for your behaviour in life, no matter how terrible it may have been. If, however, you had behaved well, you would have to go unrewarded. Thus, there would be little incentive to behave either badly or well but, since it is easier to refuse responsibility than to acccept it, the chances are that the majority would refuse it. The “one life only” theory contributes nothing towards an understanding of occult phenomena. In fact, it tends to indicate that the phenomena are unreal and hallucinatory in nature and should be attributed to imagination or coincidence if any evidence of their apparent existence should manifest itself.

That some people acquire a real understanding of life and existence before they die is quite remarkable, particularly in the western so-called civilisations, since they are fed false information from the time they begin to comprehend their language.

If one were born into an agnostic or atheistic family for example, nothing of a spiritual nature would ever be discussed because it just does not exist according to them. God is a being in whom others believe but His existence does not apply to the atheist.

On the other hand, one born into a family of orthodox Christian belief would be fed “belief as opposed to knowledge, since the whole essence of Christianity is that one should “believe”, no matter how preposterous the exhortation might appear to be. The most exalted Christian prelates have indicated by their expressed views in radio and television programmes, as well as in numerous books, that their concept of the soul or spirit and its fate after death is based entirely on their or someone else’s interpretation of the bible. These views are not observed facts known to the individual but are assumptions based on a total acceptance of the truth of the bible with all its contradictions and a belief that it is the word of God.

It is noteworthy that, although the churches talk glibly of truth and enlightenment, relatively few people actually appear to acquire an understanding of these desirable abstract qualities through a study of Christianity. Reincarnation is ruled out by the Catholic church. The non-catholics seem unsure but most of them assume that it is not a fact. It is, perhaps, a paradox that many Christians are able to base their religion on the spiritual existence without ever really finding out what spirit is or what it can do.

Anything that has a direct connection with the spirit is avoided by the orthodox religions. Spiritualism, as practised, is not recognised by the orthodox churches and is not, therefore, believed to have any foundation in truth. It would be heresy to suggest that the spirit of man can leave his body! This comes more under the heading of, “everybody knows that man is an animal” which a famous scientist was always so eager to point out in his talks on television. He was not alone. Some biologists of my acquaintance hold the same belief.

I think it is reasonable to assume that the vast majority of “westerners” attach themselves to one of the hundreds of different religions or they remain atheistic and dogmatically opposed to anything religious or they subscribe to agnosticism, disbelieving everything beyond material phenomena and usually remain highly sceptical. The latter group is probably in a better position to start on the path to truth and enlightenment than the others.

A minority remains in the form of a number of people who KNOW to a lesser or greater degree what life is about, what has happened to them in previous lives and what is likely to happen to them in the future. I think that one may safely assume that most people in this minority KNOW what they know because of personal experiences and not because of what they believe or what they have been told. The path to truth and absolute knowledge opens up to those who have a deep interest in finding out. “Seek and ye shall find!” is a biblical truism.

During the process of finding out one may study many diverse religions and ‘ologies and read books on a wide variety of spiritual phenomena. These studies usually lead to a greater willingness to accept the possibility of the truth of the existence of the phenomena but Truth is not likely to be made manifest to the student by study alone. He must practise what he learns academically and arrive at conclusions by observing the results of his efforts.

Eventually, it is hoped that the student will experience at least one incident that makes him totally aware of his timeless, spiritual existence. This event is usually a milestone in that person’s life and can completely change his attitudes and his outlook

Let the student assume, for the sake of discussion, that reincarnation is a fact. What sort of a picture presents itself now? First, he would know that he comes back! Knowing this, most people would tend to modify their behaviour considerably. If we come back then, in the period between physical bodies we must still exist in a universe of which we are normally unable to be aware while incarnate. Knowing that we return gives us also the knowledge that we continue to exist after death. This in itself must be very satisfying to most people since they would not like to contemplate just ceasing to exist.

It would behove every person on earth to treat others, including their own families, with great respect and to set the highest possible examples of altruism and integrity because they may be reincarnated into a situation that they had a hand in creating. In this instance, the individual concerned would be directly reaping the benefits of any good that he may have passed on, also he would be experiencing the disadvantages of any maltreatment of or apathy towards others.

As we are assuming that one comes back, is it not reasonable that we could return into a body of any racial origin? Then we could be born white, black, brown, yellow or red. Furthermore, the family circumstances into which we might be born are unlimited. We may be rich or poor, male or female and so on. These possibilities put a different light on violence and war. A soldier who kills a member of a much-hated enemy race or nation could easily be born again as a member of the very race or nation that he so despised. My own cousin, shot down and killed in a Lancaster bomber during the second world war was reincarnated as a German boy and was later killed in a school bus accident. Upon reaching adulthood, one could join the military forces and find himself fighting his own descendants from his previous life.

Those who use bombs and guns instead of words and who claim to be politically motivated are merely creating a world far worse than the one in which they find themselves at present and are very likely to become victims of their own hatred and violence when they return to earth.

Tens of thousands of human beings are legally murdered every year in the name of abortion. Why should it be assumed that a human being does not exist as such until his birth? From the moment of conception, all the attributes and qualities of a man are there, spirit, mind and body. Also, one can be affected in one’s present life by painful experiences in an earlier life. I know of two people who have recalled previous life abortions, the effects of which were making them very ill and unhappy in the present. During the recall, one of the victims felt the sharp stab of a knitting needle as it was pushed into his head. The other person could feel the burning effect of carbolic, in each case, their bodies were aborted.

Those were living human beings that were destroyed. Is this not murder in the same degree as infanticide is? Every act of this kind must produce a hideous effect which is often re-awakened in the victim in later life. The present world situation, created by man, indicates that he is on a downward path. Surely, this is not just coincidence? As a child, I was naive enough to believe that, through improved education and enlightenment by increasingly tolerant and understanding parents man was improving his behaviour. I assumed that violence and crime would decrease but in fact they have increased beyond all reason.

That violence begets violence is of course observably obvious. That violence is visited upon successive generations is less obvious but it seems to be a fact born out daily by the testimonies of people fortunate enough to have been able to recall painful moments of their past lives and who have been suffering in their present lives because those painful moments were hidden from their conscious memory.

There have never in history been so many inmates of psychiatric institutions nor so many people receiving treatment for mental disorders. We can assume that the future and the present cannot adversely affect the mind since the one has not yet occurred and the other can be observed. It is the hidden past where the causes of illness, anxiety, worry and insanity may frequently lie.

Periods of trauma could often be attributed to harmful, aggressive acts by individuals or by oneself against others. Even where an apparent accident occurs, there is usually a suppressive person or group somewhere, either in the present or past. It would appear that the majority of people are made ill and unhappy by a small minority whose only reason for existence is the destruction of the legitimate aims and ideals of others.

Alan Valiant, Supreme Spiritual Master


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