Valiant versus Dawkins

A Comparison of the Understanding of Richard Dawkins, Atheist

      and Alan Valiant, Supreme Spiritual Master

     by Alan Valiant

Having read Richard Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”, I endorse entirely his critique of the Christian religion, in particular his list of all the definitions of God taken from the bible that portray God as a malevolent, vengeful being while at the same time referring to him as the God of Love.

Dawkins’ understanding of his spiritual existence is absolute zero by his own admission so in the interests of fair debate, I feel sure he will allow me to put the spiritual side and counter many of his claims and statements in his academically brilliant book. The page numbers are in his book “The God Delusion”.


Dawkins p112. Many people believe in God because they have seen a vision of him or that he speaks to them inside their heads.

Valiant I have nothing to do with any religious belief system or organization but I communicate regularly with Our Creator and the Spiritual Hierarchy, the members of which are detailed in my books and that of my late wife, Amanda Valiant.  The means of communication is by direct telepathy or thought transference, an ability that I developed over thirty-five years ago. At the same time, I became clairvoyant and could see the spiritual beings with whom I am communicating.


Dawkins p113. And yet it is merely a matter of history that it is considered normal in our society to believe that the creator can hear your thoughts.

Valiant I assure every one that he most certainly can hear your thoughts. Furthermore, he knows everything about you throughout your many incarnations. My thoughts and words are constantly monitored by Our Creator who assures me that he is always with me.


Dawkins p163. However improbable the origin of life on earth might be we know it happened on earth because we are here.

Valiant This must surely be one of the most naïve statements that Dawkins ever made! Because he is an evolutionist, he cannot contemplate life having begun on another planet. Yet this is the truth. Life did not begin on earth. Some historical biblical reports confirm this. The earth was originally populated by beings from outer space. For information on this please read “A Course in Spiritual Philosophy” by Madam Amanda Valiant. Go to:


Dawkins p174. Our time and space did indeed begin in our big bang.

Valiant There was no big bang! Creation is a continuous process in a similar manner to the inexorable growth of animal and human forms. Life did not start with a big bang but by a gentle introduction from the spiritual universe to the physical universe.


Dawkins p180. The theory of natural selection is genuinely simple, so is the origin from which it starts. That which it explains, on the other hand, is complex almost beyond telling, more complex than we can imagine, save a god capable of designing it.

Valiant With all due respect to the great naturalist Charles Darwin, his theory of natural selection is a non sequitur.  No intermediate species has ever been discovered . The colour mutations of pigeons, for example, are not examples of evolution but of the laws of genetics. Mutation is not evolution.


Dawkins p184.


The discussions on this page confirm that Dawkins believes that the mind is the brain or is in the brain thereby indicating his total lack of spiritual understanding.

            The mind is immaterial and survives so-called death. Surely the life force in every creature is obvious and it is that which deserts the physical body at death. Everything in existence is the product of our Creator’s mind of which our minds are constituent parts. Telepathy is not the result of communication between brains, hence no bandwith is involved. It is communication between mind and mind otherwise than through the known senses. Since there is no time in the non-physical world, communication is instantaneous. Vide: How to Talk with the Dead, by Alan Valiant, Chap. 3 (Definition of the mind written posthumously through Alan Valiant by the late Professor Carl Jung).


Dawkins p185 ”We know how it came about”.

Valiant That statement confirms that Dawkins is absolutely certain that all animal and human life came about through the gradualistic crane of natural selection.  I repeat that there is no evolution of any species, animal or vegetable in the sense that one species evolved into another. Where are the intermediate species? There are none!


Dawkins p188

Valiant On this page there is further insistence that Darwin has all the answers. I am still waiting for just one intermediate species to be found by an evolutionist or archeologist.


Dawkins p190 “Knowing that we are products of Darwinian evolution.”

Valiant  There is absolutely no doubt according to Dawkins that Darwin was right.


Dawkins p209 Dualism and monism.

Valiant Dualism is a belief in a distinction between matter and mind. Monism is a belief that mind is a manifestation of matter.  Dawkins  points out that children are naturally dualists. He is right and the reason for this is that they subconsciously, or sometimes  consciously, remember that they have been born from the spiritual world. According to Dawkins this is childhood gullibility. 

As he is a monist, Dawkins cannot comprehend anything outside matter. He ridicules the idea of anything existing apart from the physical. It is remarkable that a man with such a brilliant academic mind so vehemently refuses to look into the vastly extensive subject of life after death or mediumship or any of the numerous psychic experiences that millions of people experience. He should take a leaf out of the work of Sir Oliver Lodge who was dismissed from the Royal Society for confirming psychic phenomena.

In summary, Richard Dawkins, Marcus du Sautoy and Stephen Hawking, all top-ranking scientists are totally unaware of their true, spiritual existence. It is a great pity that they will have to wait until they pass on before they understand the truth about their and our existence.

More quotes by Dawkins:


The fact that life evolved out of nearly nothing, some 10 billion years after the universe evolved out of literally nothing, is a fact so staggering that I would be mad to attempt words to do it justice.


Another example of Dawkins’ certainty that everything he writes is a fact. As a total materialist, he cannot comprehend that he is a spiritual being incarnate although there is unlimited evidence to confirm our spiritual essence. He just ignores any evidence that contradicts his own certainties.



The essence of life is statistical improbability on a colossal scale.


No! This statement shows that atheism and materialism are not the stuff of reason but are just as much nonsense as the beliefs of the religious.

See The Essence of Life by Alan Valiant on this website for the truth.



God exists, if only in the form of a meme with high survival value, or infective power, in the environment provided by human culture.


Dawkins’ dogmatism is matched only by the blind acceptance of religious beliefs by the millions of non-thinkers on earth.



Natural selection is anything but random.


There is no natural selection. All is Creation.

Alan Valiant, Supreme Spiritual Master  


5th September 1996

What possible credence can, in future, be given to modern science when a scientist such as Professor Richard Dawkins can be given an hour on television to propagate his non-sensical principles of evolution? His belief that everything originated from nothing, coupled with his bold statement that we are descended from bacteria, if you please, and his feeble attempts to claim that science can explain “where we came from and who we are”, place him in my opinion, on the lowest rung of the spiritual scale.

His obvious materialistic atheism makes him a highly unsuitable person to be allowed to present his unsupportable theories, not facts, to a class of children as he was shown doing on television in the programme “Break the Science Barrier”. There is no actual evidence to prove that species evolved one from another. Some species have changed or mutated in discrete jumps but not by natural selection.

I was astounded when this eminent professor said, “There are no psychic people on earth!” If that is the case, then the scores of spiritual beings with whom I communicate every week are not there! I have been wasting the last thirty-five years of my life talking to no one! Far from achieving his aim of convincing me that science is important, the programme had exactly the opposite effect. Has Professor Dawkins never heard of his really eminent predecessors, Sir William Crookes and Sir Oliver Lodge?  They were real scientists who understood their spiritual state.

In an earlier programme, another evolutionist began his speech with, “I am an accident. We are all accidents.” He then spent the rest of the programme trying to show that everything that exists is the result of an accident. These scientists are spiritually blind and have such a long way to go before they start the long climb up the spiritual ladder. My advice to anyone who saw Dawkins ’  programme is to forget it and any children who were taken in by his “explanations” should ignore him. It was summed up very neatly by a young boy in the class at school who said, “I didn’t know my relatives were bacteria!”

In the light of my knowledge, not belief, I pour scorn on his statements. As William Shakespeare wrote, “Man, proud man, dressed in a little brief authority, most ignorant of what he’s most assured.”

Alan Valiant


Quotation from The Spirits Book by Allan Kardec p409.

“I appeal to all honest adversaries of Spiritism and I adjure them to say whether they have taken the trouble to study what they criticise, reminding them that criticism is necessarily of no value unless the critic knows what he is talking about. To ridicule that of which we know nothing, which we have not made the subject of conscientious examination is not to criticise but to give proof of frivolity and want of judgment.”


The following is a newspaper article.


Atheists are more intelligent then religious people according to a study. Those with high IQs did not need the support of religion because they have better self-esteem and build more supportive relationships, a review of 63 studies by New York’s University of Rochester found.

Even in children, the more intelligent they are, the more probable they would avoid church. One theme emerged, researchers concluded, “Religious beliefs are irrational, not anchored in science, not testable and so don’t appeal to intelligent people”.

Comment by Alan Valiant

The former statement is obviously correct. However, when it comes to a knowledge and understanding of our spiritual nature, it is the scientists who display the least intelligence when they deny that there is a spiritual existence or a Creator. It is not necessary to believe in a religion, as the spiritual existence is paramount and is not connected to any known system of religious beliefs.  An understanding that we survive so-called death and continue to exist in the spiritual world is infinitely preferable to belief in a religious doctrine. One should be able to say, “I have no beliefs, I either know or I don’t know” as did the great philosopher and psychiatrist, Professor Carl Jung, now resident on Plane Six.

Alan Valiant


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