Heaven Revealed – Volume 1



Now available on Amazon Kindle, Heaven Revealed – Collected Works Of The Supreme Spiritual Master Alan Valiant contains the truth regarding your spiritual existence. Volume 1 contains the following:

Why Believe? When You Can Know!

Your life will never be the same after learning the revealing information because you will have the knowledge that man has sought for centuries. Because the facts of our existence are so different from the universally held beliefs, it is vital that we discover the truth before we return whence we came, that is to heaven or the spiritual world, as some may prefer to call it. To return burdened by false beliefs only sets us back spiritually as it takes a long time to replace one’s beliefs by a knowledge of the facts.

The only thing of real importance is knowledge. Of what use is belief if it turns out to be wrong? Once you know the facts, your whole life changes for the better and the uncertainty of whether you are following the right path disappears. You will know why you are the way you are and you will know the way to go ahead in order to fulfil your destiny.

My Conversations With Jesus Christ

The author has been communicated with by Jesus Christ every day on a two-way basis since 1976. The author had puzzled over the mystical aspects of Christ’s existence for most of his life and, after he discovered the principles behind communication with the spiritual world, he was spoken to by Jesus Christ, himself who intimated his wish that the world be appraised of the truth about him. Alan Valiant was asked if he would help and this book is the result.

The facts concerning Christ’s last incarnation are now known. Knowledge of the truth is infinitely better than blind belief and all people who earnestly seek the facts of their existence will be greatly enlightened when they learn of the amazing replies to the author’s questions. Was Christ born of a virgin and did he die on the cross? These are two of the questions that are answered.

How To Talk With The Dead

The author is an independent psychic investigator who, with his late wife, Amanda,
spent twelve years researching communication with those in the spiritual world. This book reveals the results of their work and contains explicit instructions on how to
converse with relatives or friends who have passed on. After applying the principles in this book, you may end speculation about survival
after death because you will know. Your psychic awareness, once awakened, is
limitless and it could lead you, as it has done for the author, to unbelievable peace of mind and happiness as a result of great enlightenment.


4 comments on “Heaven Revealed – Volume 1

  1. I downloaded this book last night, and couldn’t put it down, absolutely brilliant and fascinating book. I admire your bravery in tackling controversial subjects, especially religion. I’m not a religious person but I have allowed religion to cause me many years of confusion and anxiety about what “the right way” is to be a good person in the world and your book really helped me release a lot of those issues, so just wanted to express my gratitude to you for writing the book and I hope it does really well for you.

  2. Love this book sooooo much…. I just cant stop reading it…. it really should be a no:1 for all spirit minded people!!..

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