A Message From Our Illustrious Creator

This message was taken by Alan Valiant in 2012:

I am your Creator writing through my chosen agent on earth, the Supreme Spiritual Master, Alan Valiant.

I shall not allow my beautiful planet to be destroyed by human excesses, the wanton destruction of my people and my planet’s resources.

This is a final warning to governments and individuals that unless the rapid decline in moral standards is seen to be slowing and unless the warring factions make peace urgently, the natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, tempests and typhoons will increase with greater frequency and ferocity.

I have had to step in many times in the past to attempt to prevent my human creatures from descending into total debauchery. I shall not hesitate to act again!

The criminal laws of every country must be reviewed so that the punishments, humanely administered, act as a deterrent and not as a free holiday paid for by the state as is often the case.

The numerous religious organizations are in error as sect battles with sect and are devoted to murder and destruction in My Name. If terrorists really knew what harm they do to themselves, they would lay down their weapons now, for after they die, they are all sent back to earth in new bodies to suffer as they have made others suffer. This is my Law of Cause and Effect.

Karma is My Law!

You will reap as you have sown. You cannot cease to exist, therefore you will survive to pay retribution at a future time in a future incarnation.

There is No Escape from Karma! It is My Law and it is immutable.

My human creations were originally endowed with my finest characteristics, all based on love. Every situation is a dichotomy. This means what the Eastern peoples call Yin and Yang, positive and negative, good and bad, love and hate. The one cannot be valued or appreciated without the other. If you do not experience cold, you will not know hot.

Successive human societies have debased the finest principles for many reasons such as personal gain at another’s expense, racial hatred and, in particular, religious hatred. All animal and human lives are subject to my Laws of Karma. Reincarnation applies to all species and is the spiritual route by which all spiritual entities will eventually return to Me, whence they came.

I, Your Creator, am ready to act as I see fit to safeguard all my creations. Many people will be forcibly returned to My Spiritual World as a result of the disasters of which I am warning you.

Act Now to avoid even more disasters. I am not the vengeful god described in the Christian bible who incidentally never existed. I shall take action, not out of vengeance but out of the deepest concern for my beautiful creations. I love all my creatures and my planets so begin to live and love as I have ordained that you should.

I am the All-in-One and the One-in-All.


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