The Basic Secrets of Existence


You are a spiritual being.

You have existed for an immense time.

You are immortal.

You have been incarnate before your
present life.

You live many lives in different bodies
which may be of any biological form and
of either sex or any human race.

You are on earth now either to learn
vital lessons or because you have
karma outstanding.

You reincarnate, repeatedly, until your
atonement for past crimes is complete and
you have cleared your karma.

There is no death.

The practice of a religion cannot raise
you spiritually.

No sin is ever forgiven. It must be atoned
for. There is no way of avoiding atonement.

You, alone, are responsible for your own
behaviour at all times regardless of any
other consideration.

There is no such condition as diminished

You reap as you sow. Each good deed is
rewarded. Each bad deed is atoned for.

Everything that you have ever said and
done in your total physical existence
of many lives is recorded in heaven in
the Akashic Record.

There is only one heaven.

There is only one punishment planet in
the universe and that is earth. Earth is
the only hell.

You have free will.

No birth is an accident. All births are
according to karma.

Suicide ends nothing. It merely ensures a
prompt reincarnation.

God and the Creator are distinctly separate


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