Jesus Christ – The Truth

Ten facts taken from My Conversations With Jesus Christ by Alan Valiant:

I was not born of a virgin.

I was conceived in the normal way and born in the normal manner.

I did not die on the cross.

I did not die in atonement for the sins of others.

I did not found a religion.

I was not a saviour. There can be no such being except that he influence others by example.

I was not the Son of God.

I was a highly-gifted psychic.

I was a teacher of the facts about existence.

I tried to set an example to others.

Christianity was not founded by me. It is not endorsed by me. Christianity was created by men for their own ends under the guise of tending for the spiritual needs of their adherents.

The belief of many Christians that I suffered and died so as to take responsibility for their sins, even those they have not yet committed, is utterly false.

Do they not realize that, if it were true, every one of the countless billions of humans who had lived before me, would be doomed after their deaths?

This belief is one of the most ridiculous of all. How can any person accept responsibility for the actions of others? You are all individually responsible for yourselves. No one who believes in me can absolve himself or herself from personal responsibility. You create your own future, as on earth, so it is in heaven.

Taken from My Conversations With Jesus Christ by Alan Valiant (available for free HERE)



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