About Alan Valiant

image001Alan Valiant is a clairvoyant medium, author and independent psychic researcher, unaffiliated with any religious organization. Having had a strong interest in the spiritual existence since an out of body experience in his thirties, a turning point came when he met his future wife Amanda, who shared his deep interest in all matters spiritual. When they began making contact with the spiritual world it soon transpired that they were in communication with the Spiritual Hierarchy, effectively the government of the universe. It also transpired that Amanda was highly advanced spiritually and herself a member of the Hierarchy. Amanda had been incarnated for a special spiritual purpose but her intended karma had been ruined by suppressive people.

As they continued communication, they were in time contacted by God, Jesus Christ, and other highly spiritual beings, then given the truth regarding the spiritual existence which they were able to receive due to their open minds, free of religious beliefs. Together they formed the College of Alithology (meaning study of truth) where they taught students this invaluable information, also contained in the books. Since Amanda’s passing in 1988 Alan has continued his work for the Spiritual Hierarchy, and eventually, as reward for over thirty years devoted duty and service to both the Hierarchy and mankind, was first awarded the accolade of Ascended Spiritual Master and has now been promoted to Supreme Spiritual Master.

To learn more about his books visit http://www.sphere8books.wordpress.com

Alan Valiant was born in 1920 in Montreal, Canada and served in the Royal Air Force for fourteen years, including the Battle of Britain and the invasion of Normandy. After the war, he worked as a research and development engineer at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough in Hampshire.

Engineer – In radio, electronics, electrical, aeronautics, consultant in underwater technology.

Inventor – Designer and builder of four Diver Transport Vehicles (wet submersibles) and two remotely-controlled underwater surveillance vehicles. Inventor of a diver’s lifejacket.

Musician – Plays guitar, clarinet and tenor saxophone in jazz and dance bands.

Author – Author of “How to Talk with the Dead”, “My Conversations with Jesus Christ”, “Why Believe? When You Can Know!” and “My Meetings With The Lord God” and more. Editor of “A Course in Spiritual Philosophy” .

Aviator – Has flown as pilot, hang gliders, sailplanes, motor gliders, light aircraft and microlight aircraft. Was Flight Test Engineer on British airship SK500.

Lecturer – Lectures in spiritual philosophy, sub-aqua diving and flying.

Diver – Was a sub-aqua diver for twenty years and a diving instructor for ten years. First person to re-discover the Mary Rose (Henry Vlll’s flagship). First Class Diver of the British Sub-Aqua Club.

Linguist – Speaks English, French and German.

Clairvoyant – Can see people in the spiritual world.

Telepath – Communicates with those in the spiritual world by telepathy which is communication between mind and mind other than through the known senses.

Visit http://www.sphere8books.wordpress.com to learn more.


5 comments on “About Alan Valiant

  1. Read most of your books alan..and told friends.loved your books.in amands book she mention..the lights we see a..arefrom sphere 6 or 7…i know there ,a very good sign,they have appeared to me thousands of times over 15 yrs.on a daily basis.they are a bright blue liike orb.they just appear then vanish…why?…can you answer please.would love to have a clue what they mean,regards kath..

  2. I only now discovered your work and am deeply impressed and personally touched. Is it still possible to book a personal reading? I would be grateful. If not, just let me congratulate to your profound and beautiful work.

  3. Alan, Someone I know was given a life reading which indicated that he would reach plane 5 at the end of this incarnation. However, the end of his life was a violent one caused by his bad character. How does this equate with the promise of plane 5? I ask because I was given a similar reading but I hope that I am of a reasonably good character!

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